Success Stories of Horses We Sold!!


Jackpot is a once in a lifetime horse and we are so blessed to have had this horse in our lives and to swing a leg over! We bought him as a late yearling and sold him in the Cody Sale in 2019 as a 5 year old. We did everything on him from ranch work, to picking up bucking horses, to heading, to our 6 year old daughter riding him as her #1 ranch horse! He was bomb proof and priceless to be able to send your kid off by themselves to go move cows and not worry at all. He now lives in Utah and the family sends me updates on how they truly love him and their kids have so much fun on him. He is a great horse and we are blessed be apart of his training career.  


Jolene was a fun mare! We did everything on her and she sure was fun to ranch off of. Luke loved picking bucking horses up on her cause she has so much grit to her! We had a blast on this mare roping on her to ranching to branding to anything we ask her she would do it. She now lives with the Fisketjon family and loves their boy Corbin! They are two peas in a pod. She has helped him with confidence in riding and now teaching him how to breakaway rope! We cannot wait to see them at the pay window and winning buckles! 

This is what they wrote us:

Our son Corbin had been rodeoing for about a year and we needed a step up / rope horse for him. We met the Hutchinson Family in Billings at Little Britches Rodeos and Luke would bring Jolene with for his all-around horse. We went to Belgrade to see if Jolene and Corbin would be a good fit and Iíve never seen a horse so calm but still willing to learn with a 9-year-old. She has stepped up for him more times than I can count. She was patterned on barrels when we purchased her but when Corbinís other horse got sick two months before LB finals he worked with her on poles and barrels and took her to Guthrie OK. I can not express how grateful we are to own Jolene; she keeps our son safe and wonít do anything to put them in a bad situation but still gets the job done. As a beginner roper he has had his rope wrapped her legs, under her belly, around her hind end and she always stops and waits for him to get resituated. She is a phenomenal breakaway horse and always put him where he needs to be. Corbin can catch her in the middle of the pasture and ride her bareback back to the barn. Jolene has found her person! We cannot thank you enough!


We cannot say enough good thing about this mare Sissy. We raised this mare (she is out of my old sorrel mare) and by Midnight Corona. Sissy is super tiny, but boy is she stout and can run! We ran this mare and took her to a few futurities and derby races and she pull checks and sure was making a nice barrel horse. Luke then decided to heel on her and boy was she outstanding at that. So we started hauling her to breakaway ropings and jackpots heeling on her. We never had the intentions on selling her. Maybe cause we being greedy and wanted to keep this talented mare to ourselves. However, we got a phone call from the Murnion Family and they needed a horse for their daughter cause she just lost hers to a freak accident. Well, we talked and a few days later they picked her up. We could not be happier and them either. Sissy went to an amazing home and like the says goes "A horse deserves to be loved by a little girl", and these two sure love each other and are a perfect fit! 


 Rooster was one hell of a horse we enjoyed and really loved. He was our go to horse for everything. Rooster is one hell of a head horse and pick up horse. He now lives with the Wingard Family where there boy uses him at a few rodeos to head and breakaway off of and they use him daily for their outfitting business and for checking on their cows. He is super spoiled and has an amazing home and we where truly blessed to be apart of his career and able to swing a leg over him and enjoy the ride! 



"Lil' was a fun little horse to have around. She was so willing to anything we threw at her. She was super quiet and very gentle. I just started this mare on the barrels on day for fun and she took right to it. Lil was a very smart horse. We used her as a ranch horse and pen roped a bunch on her. She now lives in Deerlodge with Rikki Yount. Rikki has been hauling her to the barrel races and I am sure they have been to the pay window and we hope to see them there more in there future. The picture above made me smile when I saw it. I had no idea she was using her in the Pee Wee barrel race until I saw it and to see the smile on that girls face is worth it all. Pleasure owning and starting this horse for this beautiful family to enjoy!


This little bay mare, Chexs, was a blast to train. We had her broke and got her ready for her new owners. Jamie Faler bought her for a prospect to train on barrels and have fun with. Well, as it turns out little Arena stole her horse from her mom and is now competing on her at all the youth rodeos. She is really starting to become a nice all around horse. We cannot wait to see more of this great team. Super excited to have them in our success stories and seeing them compete. This family and horse just melt our hearts when we see them compete :)


Luke and I sold this horse to Kyle Whitaker at the NILE Yearling Horse Sale. We cannot wait to see this horse in action. Super cool to hear great things about the colts we raise!

"When I first purchased my Midnight Corona colt (Ace) at the 2011 NILE horse sale, I was excited about his outstanding pedigree and good looks. As I led him to the trailer at... Billings, a guy who worked at Montana horse tracks asked me about my colt. When I told him he was by Midnight Corona, he told me I would love his disposition.

He was right. I'm gone rodeoing most of the year, so my young horses don't get ridden near enough. I can go 2-4 weeks without riding Ace, yet he always picks up right where we left off. I have let my 10 year old daughter ride him since he was a green colt because I knew I could trust him.

I have started tying down calves on Ace and he shows a lot of potential- very smart and sensible in the box, plenty of athletic ability. I would recommend Midnight Corona colts to anyone who likes an athletic horse with a good mind."
- Kyle Whitaker


"Rock" is an All-Around horse with a big heart. It was a privilage to owe him and train him on barrels. We truly miss this horse and wish we had 20 of them. He is  jam up head/heel/breakaway and runs 3D/4D barrels. He also does goats seen poles and a nice pick-up horse. He is a kind hearted horse that will do anything you throw at him. No buck and gentle. I am so glad he went to a good home with the Lardy family in North Dakota. I look forward to hearing the updates and the winnings at the Junior High and High School Rodeos. Thanks 

"Shaye and Rock are doing very well together. They are excited for Spring Rodeos!" - Shaye Mom.. :)


Frosty is an amazing horse and it was a privilege to raise and train him. He is a solid All-Around horse. He is a jam up head/breakaway/pole/goat horse. He also runs barrels and you can heel on him too. Luke picked up bucking horses on him also. Whatever you threw at him he did it and did it well. Frosty is gentle, kind hearted, no buck, and bombpoof!!! I am so glad he went to a good home with the Bryn. Good Luck Bryn, you too are going to do great things together!!! I look forward to seeing you guys compete and collecting many checks!!!

P.s Frosty is now living back home with us. Luke still is picking up bucking horses on him and Bryn comes and rides him every once in a while sure loving his semi retirement!

"We took Frosty to a 4-H thing where horseless kids without horses can ride and he was so good with them!! They were all nervous cause he's so big then they would get on and he would just walk around and be all calm with them! I love him!" 
by Bryn


"Black Lady Spider" aka Harley is a barrel mare that we sold. We doctored cattle on her, ranched on her, took her to brandings, headed steers on her and ran barrels on her. She went to a loving family in Washington where they are running barrels on her and at the pay window almost every time. Thank you Kate for giving her a great home and we love hearing from you and your success with Harley :) Luke always asks her if he could borrow her back to go doctor cattle and she tells us no every time. She loves her way to much.


RIP :(

Caddy a sorrel mare that was started on the barrels. She was a colt we raised and then sent to Wade Black for 30 days of training. I got her back and started her in our training program. She really liked the barrels and seemed to enjoy going around them, so I thought that this was her calling. She never offered to buck and is kind and gentle. She did have a lot of go, but was always trying to please us. I had a lot of fun riding and training this mare. She now lives in North Dakota with Taylor.

" I hauled her to our first NBHA show and did some exhibitions on her. She handled the experiance really well. She is really wanting to step up her speed and Is really automatic in her turns! It is amazing how both her and my finished horse adapted like that to me. they both LOVE to run and are automatic in their turns. She will pony another horse off of her and she didn't react on bit! in fact my horse had trouble keeping up with her! She has fit in well with our other horses. She will take shots with just a little fuss (which is impressive). Handles polo's well. and I trotted her thru the poles. Thank you so much for allowing me to buy Caddy! We absolutely LOVE her!"
P.S. have a GREAT summer!


Pepsi sure was a one of a kind type of horse! We sure loved him and did everything on  him. Our girls even used him at the youth rodeos. It was hard to sell Pepsi and we fought our heads about it for month, but he couldn't have found a better home and loved by a great family! Pepsi is a horse that was young but had an old soul at heart. He rode around like he was 20 years old and has seen the world since he was a colt. We used him for everything from everyday ranch work, to heeling and breakaway roping, to youth rodeos for the kids. He is an amazing horse and now showing his new little girl the ropes. They are winning buckles and loads of prizes. Cannot wait to hear more from them and all they have accomplished together! They renamed him Diamond.

This is what they sent us:

Diamond is doing great-- and we just love him! We have rode him in parades and he helped Kennedy win two first places in one of her rodeo series. He has lots of power coming out of the box. Rob is also going to try to go to a few ropings with him in the near future. We're all in love with him.


Chicken was our go to horse for everything. Luke loved ranching on him and doctoring cattle off of him in the pasture. After his good horse got hurt Chicken had to step up to the plate and become his rodeo heel horse and he did that!!! He was a really nice ranch rodeo horse too. Fun to have and train and we are super glad he is in a loving caring home. We cannot wait to hear more about this team and what becomes of them in the future!!!

This is what they sent us:

Luke & JoBeth,

We cannot thank you enough for Chicken! This horse has been a blessing in so many ways for our son. He started roping earlier this summer and although he was working hard and getting better he did not have the right horse to help him succeed. Chicken has brought Chance to the next level and become the best friend and teacher we could have ever asked for. Chicken is EVERYTHING you said he was and more. The confidence he has given our son is amazing. They went to their first team roping just a few weeks after we got home and they won! I cannot wait to see what these two are capable of in the future!

Thank you so much,
Toby, Erin & Chance


This little mare was just an amazing athlete and had a fun personality.. so glad Luke and I a big part of this mare training and life. We are so tickles she has an amazing home.. Here is what they sent us about Ruby...... Thank you again so much Mandy and Madison!!!!

"We looked all over for a new horse for our 8 year old daughter, Madison. We finally came across Ruby and it was definitely "love at first ride" between the 2 of them. They connected immediately and Ruby was everything that JoBeth told us that she was.
The first barrel race that Madison took Ruby to she won some money and prizes. The next jr. rodeo we went to Madison was in the Pee-wee division and ran the fasted time of all age groups in the barrel and poles!! They have truly been an amazing fit and we are excited to see what their future holds.
Here is what Madison wrote herself about her: "Ruby is a great horse. She is caring and loves me very much, and I love her very much! She does what you want her to and she is gentle. When the time comes she know what she has to do. She pays attention and has a kind heart."
We appreciate all the honesty from JoBeth and Luke in helping us find this "unicorn."


Cat is an amazing mare! She was so much fun to run barrels and poles on, all you had to do was point and kick! She is super sweet and just wants to please and win as badly as you do! Cat now lives with Shelby Brennan Larson in North Dakota. They are winning buckles, blankets and much more! We are so excited for this team and cannot wait to see what they become together! We will see you two at the pay window!!!!!!


John Wayne is a super cool guy. We had so much fun with this horse and it was a very sad day when we sold him, but he could not have gone to a better home. John Wayne is now named Pancake. He was a washed out bucking horse that turned into a great saddle horse. We used him for everything from heading steers, to picking up bucking horses, to ranch horse, to a flag horse down in Las Vegas during the NFR. John became a big baby that was bomb proof and loved to her pets and kisses. His new owners Kurt and Melissa Pucket have told us numerous times that they love this horse and he has saved their lives more than once. He is the reason why we buy, raise, and train horse for people. We love to make people happy and have a horse that they can call family.


This family also bought Wally from us too. Wally was a Morgan/half draft gelding that we used as a ranch horse. Luke used him to rope bulls on at the Rodeos since he did not have the speed to be a Pick-up horse. He was so sweet gentle and kind. It was a pleasure of having him and this wonderful family purchased him for a personal horse for their Ranch.


Luke and I raised this gorgeous filly that now lives with Shelly Walker-Humphrey in Canada! She is a once in a million color. Edith is by Midnight and out of our Dash for Cash mare. This colt is so smart and kindhearted and this family just loves her to pieces. This filly is the reason why Luke and I love to raise colts for people to enjoy and get that one horse they have always wanted! They use this mare at home on the ranch and teaching rodeo club off of her! They are now preparing her for her futurity year which will be in 2018! We cannot wait to see this girl in action!


Murphy and Tequila are an amazing team together! Luke and I bought this mare as a 2 year old because she is by our stud Midnight Corona. We cowboyed on her and I started to run the barrels on her and was just a smart willing mare. Well, it was hard to sell her when she was 5 but she couldn't have gone to a better family. Murphy and Tequila have been doing amazing run in the youth rodeos. Murphy runs barrels, goat ties, pole bends, and flag races on her. Tequila would go to the end of the earth for his girl and we are so proud of them. They have won buckles and I bet they will win many many more prizes and be at the pay window consistently.


"Issac" is truly the real deal. He is a super star of a horse. We loved and are honored to have raised this horse since a 2 year old and train him to the horse he has become. We hauled him to the NRA rodeos as a heel horse and calf horse, till one day I decided it would be fun to run barrels on him and he turned into a 1D horse. He took to everything you through at him. He now lives with a wonderful family in Great Falls where a little girl named Stephanie can enjoy him. She is breakaway roping on him, goat tying, and running barrels on him. He has been running in the 1D for this little girl. They are a perfect match and cannot wait to see more to come from them :) 

-Pictured about is the new family that owns him. This is Issac doing the peewee barrels, then Stephanie will get on him and run him in the Open :) What an amazing horse.

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