Shag Pups!

It has been a while since Luke and I raised Puppies! We used to raise Long haired Wiener dogs and we sure do miss having the puppies around and making families happy! After our first Shag cross dog died so soon and then Waylon came into our lives we really started to enjoy this breed/cross of dogs.They are hardworking cow dogs but then wonderful family safe dogs! So we have decided to keep our Shag dog a intact male and then added a red tri Aussie. After that first litter and the love of the breed we decided to add 2 more females shags to our family! All four dogs are from working families and work cattle here on our Ranch themselves!

Puppies are Here! We still have 4 pups left from Willow and Waylon! Call or Text to get pictures! 4065706998


  Waylon is a Aussie/Airedale/English Sheep Dog cross shag! He is a cow eatting bugger and loves to work! Very intelligent dog that just wants to please and do his job! He is our #1 dog we take with us whenever we need some help! He will work cows all day long and then come in and play with his two little girls. He goes from working dog to family dog and is a very loving boy! And he sure loves his best friend the a basset hound, Walter! Waylon is a very good natured all around dog and we know he will pass this to his pups!

Stud Fee $350



Willow is a AKC registered Australian shepherd and also registered in the stock dog association. She is super athletic and very cowey.. Willow is always wanting to work a cow! She is a great family dog and great with the kids too! She is super smart and learns fast too! Lydia and Willow are two peas in a pod they go everywhere together! Working dog that is a great family dog, we could not ask for more!


20190101_113713(0)                                                               Wrigley

     Wrigley is border collie/English sheep dog/Airedale cross.  We are so excited to have her and cannot wait to see what kind of puppies she has. She is super friendly and wags her whole body where ever she goes! Don't let her kindness fool you though. She sure is aggressive and loves to get in a bite or two when working! Wrigley is super smart and will be fun to see what kind of a dog she turns into! We take Wrigley with us whenever we need a job done with wild or cattle on the fight. She loves to work and boy can she cover country. She can keep up with a horse all day long. She is so athletic and super fast, we actually have never seen her get kicked or hooked she just so quick when she does her job. Never seen another dog like her. She is very handy to have around. We just love her as a working dog and family dog!




Sadie is a new addition to our family. She is Border collie/Airedale Cross. We adopted her from a young man that couldn't keep her anymore. She is smaller than our other shags but she is mighty. Sadie broke her leg twice from getting kicked by a horse but it never stopped her from still trying to go 100mph and wanting to work cattle. Sadie always wanting to go and work cattle or just go with the family for a ride. She is a super sweet friendly family dog and loves the kids. Her favorite part of the day is getting to wake them up in the morning. She has the funniest personality on her and is always making up laugh.


Past Litters!

Waylon and Willows 2018 litter!

Gus, Bandit, Boyd, Bella, Charlie, Otis, Pheobe, Scooby, and Zoey

Waylon and Willows 2019 Litter!
Coming soon!!

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