Long Haired Doxie Pups!

Luke and I raised wiener dogs a long time ago right when we first got together. As life got busy and kids started to come into our lives we quit raising them and focused on our family. Well, after missing them so much and raising the shag puppies my heart still wanted to go back to the love of the wiener dog and we decided to start raising them again. We are excited to offer fun loving pups and hopefully people enjoy the breed as much as we have! 



Winston is our male and boy is he a lover. He loves to cuddle and any chance he can get to ride in the tractor he will do it! He thinks hes a big bad cow dog too and tries to work cows, but its quite funny when they don't move at this little bark. He is a beautiful black and white long haired pup that has a kind and sweet heart. Winston is a smaller dog only weighing around 8lbs and is very proportional. He loves to travel and his family!

Stud Fee: $600 

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